Monday, April 7, 2008


Jeepers, talk about coincidences. What are the odds that two people that blog in the P2P lending sphere will simultaneously blog about something else? Even if it is on April Fools day?

On April Fools day I was messing around on After a bunch of clicks, I stumbled upon a thread in their discussion forums referring to some of the most expensive items for sale on (Wish I could find that thread again). One of the things on there was the Badonkadonk tank. After my wife and I read some of the reviews on the tank, I blogged about it.

Today I was checking my blog visitor stats, and noticed that I've been linked from the corporate blog. On checking that out, this post mentioned that Lazy Man (who I know is a guest blogger at Prosper, but whose blog I've never read, was budgeting for a tank.

Now understand clearly, If my read of the timestamps are correct, Lazy Man blogged at it around5:00 am, I blogged about it around 9:00pm, so if there is plagiarism involved, it is more likely that I copied Lazy Man's blog. But I didn't. Which is why I find this such an interesting coincidence.

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zcommodore said...

I saw your blog after I'd read LazyMan's earlier in the day and thought it was odd that you both talked about the same thing. I just wish I had thought to post a listing for one of those tanks after the first time I read about it. I think it would have been a fun listing to run for an April Fools joke.