Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good customer service at Zopa

One of my main complaints aboutProsper.com is their crappy customer service. I think you have to work at it to get a bunch of useless replies such as the canned replies that Prosper sends its lenders. You never get the idea that anyone is actually reading your email, rather that they spend the time selecting the inappropriate answer to respond with - that is if they could be bothered to respond.

Zopa is a whole different kettle of fish. Granted, they didn't answer their phones for a few hours on Monday morning, but that's the case with Prosper too. When I got the Zopa guy on the phone, he was great, effective and to the point. He looked into why my loan application was disapproved and asked if he could get back to me - yea right, customer service does that?

Not even an hour later I had a personal email from Zopa CS, laying out the fact that they (or rather I) discovered a bug in their software. In filling out the form I made a mistake on my income, and instead of sending the "Oops" page, they sent the "Sorry, bad news" page.

He told me what to fix and to reapply. I won't - I don't really want a loan, but I'm impresses with their Customer Service. I hope they can keep it up at that highly personal level.


scottwired said...

Really? I have been a lender on Prosper for more than six months, and have had remarkably fast and personalized responses from customer service. Sure, there are canned emails for certain things, but I've had spirited and informative conversations with them via email.

Old Stump said...

Some of the more interesting emails I've had from "Customer Service" at prosper.com was to inform me that I have been suspended from Prosper for putting a URL to a 3rd-party site in my prosper.com profile. Then, when I asked them about it, I'm told that the email merely said I"m suspended, but that I'm not suspended - they just send out suspension emails because they don't have a more appropriate email to send out.

Don't get me started, I saved some of the asinine non-responses I've had from prosper.com's customer service - that is if they even bothered to respond. And it usually takes far more than a day for them to respond.

Perhaps an interesting topic for a blog post.

Tom said...

It was nice to read your series on Zopa - and good to see you blogging again!

I still haven't tried Zopa out.