Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm not the only one that can't get a Zopa loan


Over on we have an active IRC (Internet Relay Chat) community. One of the mainstays (and a big source of headaches for forum moderators on both the old .com and forums) is bamalucky. A happy-go lucky Prosper lender with about $21k in Prosper loans. Now I know (inasmuch as one can know these things about Internet denizens) that he has a string of cashflow positive ventures, owns and rents several houses and has his fingers in several other pies.

He just tried for a Zopa loan and got turned down. I urged him to blog the details and if he does I'll cross link it here.

Bamalucky blogged about it here in his blog on

Seems Zopa will have to get their act in order or they'll be turning away a certain class of borrowers.

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Jeff said...

We initially had the same issue. However, we EMAILED Zopa and demanded and explanation and were told to 'try again'. We did, with success. My contact for my wife's loan was first Shane, then Pete. CALL, EMAIL... Once we told them who we were and that we were eliminating a Prosper loan they were quick to react.

Best of luck to either you or bama on this one!