Thursday, January 11, 2007

Prosper is Hard at Work

Just a few days ago I published a graph on how many bidders are actively bidding each month. Over on our new lenders-only forum,, Xelint-Enterprise asked if I could overlay that with the number of loans.

Interesting idea, but Prosper only issues about 420 Loans on average each month, so if I try to create a bar chart with one bar being 7,000+ bidders and the other being 400 loans, the scale is so off that it hardly makes sense. So I hot on an idea. I created the graph, but divided the number of bidders (lenders) by 10. So, in the following chart you can see the orange bars should be roughly the same shape as in my above-referenced post, only divided by 10. The green bars show the number of loans issued each month. December was a record-breaking month for new loans as well as bids and lenders bidding!

I hope Prosper gets the bugs out of its verification and CS procedures, it's really slowing down things and making lots of people unhappy. I understand that it will take time to work the wrinkles (and that's all it is) out, but the clamour is getting quite heated over on Prosper's forums.

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