Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Active bidders

This time I decided to look at the number of active bidders on Prosper. I did this by counting the unique bidder identities that made one or more bids in any given month.

Looks even more interesting in the form of a graph

We hade a very significant uptick of active bidders during the month of December, the month that loan rates fell to historic (ha! 6-month is a better description) lows.


Anonymous said...

I would be nice to see number of listings on the same graph.

Number of active bidders alone is not telling us much. You have to look at the ratio of active bidders to listings.

RateLadder.com Prosper Lender and Loan Analysis said...

I had a similar thought. I went to press without graphs Listings, Unique Bidders, Loans, Average Interest Rate, and Total Amount Lent