Thursday, January 11, 2007

No New Information

For the last two days the Prosper data download seems to not have any data in it fresher than January 9th. Hence I'm unable to update the statistics on listings pending verification. I hope that it is a Prosper operating glitch rather than a response to my analysis of that data.

Bah, humbug. I'm a closet conspiracy theorist and definitely doesn't follow Occams Razor theory. A short email to Prosper and the download has been fixed. I'm working on a blog article about something unrelated. As soon as that is finished, I'll go download the new data.

Which brings me to another weird problem I'm having. My computer is connected to a wireless router that is connected to a cable modem. When I try to download the Prosper data file (or any large file for that matter) something goes awry and the transfer never completes. I have found that the only way I can get the download is if I take my computer upstairs and connect it to a LAN port on the wireless router. Then the download takes 2-3 minutes, which is decent for my broadband rating. It just play heck when I want to watch TV or so large downloads, I have to go upstairs. As soon as the 802.11n standard is completed I'm buying a new router and card to see if I can overcome my problem.

Of course, since I've bought my current set-up I've come to detest D-Link, the manufacturer. On my initial setup, I had a snag and received excellent help. Then I bought an additional card for one of my other computers and the install didn't work as the doc said it should, plus it messed up my Windows XP logon screen. So I contacted D-Link again and got atrocious service. So bad that I wrote them a letter about it. Their response? Nada, zip, zilch! So next time I'm buying Linksys or Netgear.

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