Friday, May 2, 2008

Lendingclub replied!

Last night (or actuallt very early this morning) I blogged about the bureaucratic delays at getting a question regarding the whereabouts of my promissory notes answered at LendingClub.

"Anonymous" posted the following comment:

I've requested that someone higher up than support contact you ASAP. This will also help me figure out where their loyalties lie with me as well. Let me know if you hear from him/her today (via post of new entry on blog of course).

Dear -F, I'm delighted to tell you that at about 8 AM this morning, "Rob" at LendingClub sent me the following email:
Sorry for the delay on your inquiry.

Please log into your Lending Club account, and from My Account summary page, click on the "all loans" view. There should be 2 links on each line:
  • Loan title link should take you to the loan's original listing
  • Loan ID link should open up a promissory note
Let me know if this does not work

Best regards

So there you are. My question is answered, -F clearly has pull in LendingClub, I found my promissory notes (I'm in the process of preserving them to PDF), and best of all, I'm still happy with my LendingClub IRR.

Thank you to all.

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Anonymous said...

Old Stump,

Glad I could help! I have some pull, but it's mainly gravity from my waistline!;)