Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, last post of 2006, methinks. I keep working on other stuff, but this time of year interruptions are rife. As I'm typing this my daughter is climbing all over my chair reading what I'm typing. She thinks I'm funny, little does she know that all of 25 people might read this.

I have, in the works, still a post on how lenders bid on Prosper and I've started looking at Prosper interest rates. There seems to be a lot of buzz that rates have fallen, but my initial reviews of data does not indicate any significant decline in interest rates, rather it seems that the rates for a particular credit grade are converging. Meaning that the variance in a particular rate seems to be diminishing.

Perhaps I'll have some more on that tomorrow (Yes, I have no particular interest in New Year's celebrations and there are only so many times I can be whupped by a 7-year old playing Monopoly before I lose interest).

Here are the listings pending review statistics as of Friday. I'll update the Google Spreadsheet as well.

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