Thursday, April 17, 2008


I've been watching with dread as my bookmarks file have started growing again.

In the late '90s (and perhaps into 2003), I had completely unamanageble bookmark files. Whenever I migrated from one computer to another (or from one browser to another), I simply added my existing bookmarks to the bookmarks on the new computer. The result was that I had more than 4,500 bookmarks, and they became totally useless. Most I couldn't remember why I bookmarked them, lots were 404 pages and the rest I could never find.

So when I got my new laptop in 2003, I eschewed bookmarks. I had only a very small number. My financial institutions and a few often-used but difficult-to-remember links. Then in late 2006 and accelerating into early this year my bookmarks file started growing imperceptibly. It ended when I did some spring-cleaning. Not as well as I should, I still have 99 bookmarks and there are still quite a few I should delete.

Why am I blogging about this? Because of this Slashdot comment. It resonated with me.

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