Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LendingClub - Wacky portfolio accounting

Here is my account overview page on LendingClub.com..

I've already devoted a post to that silly little penny in my account. But here's a more puzzling set of numbers:

First, here is a look at my portfolio contents: (yea, yea, click for the viewable image).

Easy math: 17 loans at $25 is $425. The expected monthly payment on the entire portfolio is $13.91. The first loan is due to make a payment on Sept, 21st.

But look at the performance summary tab of my portfolio:

There's a whopping $502.62 in "Current Loans." I'm puzzled. Perhaps I'll get over my headache and go through the hassle of contacting Customer Support.

But I've had enough of Customer Support, what with 5 calls to Dish Network yesterday and three calls to Aetna Healthcare yesterday and today and a bunch of other little things thrown in. Not that anyone would be interested. Oh yea, Microsoft Windows Live OneCare, Time Warner Cable and a bunch of others too. I'm seriously sick of contacting Customer Support.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The headline (right above your marking) says "remaining payments")

If you multiply 13.91 by 36 you are pretty much on mark 8allowing for some rounding).

But it sure is open to misunderstandings.