Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007-01-17 Listings Pending Verification and Other Musings

Life is interesting. You'll notice on the right there is now a section on my blog named "Sites I Visit". Those are some of the sites on the Internet that I find interesting and that relates to It came about as a result of an email asking/offering reciprocal links. Apparently there is goodness in having reciprocal, content-matching references in my blog to other blogs. Well, I'll see how it works out. I don't want to overwhelm you, gentle reader, with too many links and ads and whatnot. Hence I've decided that regardless of how much I want to experiment with Google AdSense, for the time being, my blog will remain pure and unsullied by advertising.

Well, what about listings pending verification, you ask? I'll come to that in good order. Before I do, however, I'm proposing a format change in the statistics I'm offering. I'm not intending to apply it retroactively, although I can, I think it'll just be too much work.

The change is to provide the median age of listings pending review, rather than the average age. The idea behind the median is that exactly half the listings will be older than that and half will be more recent. The other half remains undetermined.

For yesterday, the median age of listings in this state was 5 days, today it is 4 days. Compare that with the average age of 3.28 and 3.29 days for those same two days. I can't simply add another column of data, the chart has to fit into the limited space my blog makes available here on the left of the page.

So please think about whether you think the median age will be more informative than the average age and drop me a note or leave a comment. I'll also be asking the same question over at So feel free to drop in there and leave a comment. Feel free to browse the site as well. Perhaps you'll like it and stay.

OK, without further ado, here are the numbers:


Anonymous said...

I would like to see the data with the most recent date at the top of the chart rather than at the bottom. This would eliminate the need to scroll to the bottom of the chart to see the newest stats.

Holesinswiss said...

As always, thanks for tracking these stats. I know you said you don't have the space, but if you could find a way to fit both the average and median loan ages in the table, that'd be great. I can't really choose.

Maybe you could trim some of the other columns to make space. For example, use two-digit years on the dates and drop the dollar sign and round to the nearest thousand on the amount pending.

Holesinswiss said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention I agree with the first commenter as well - most recent numbers at the top would be ideal.