Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Loans Pending Review

Today, just a really short note. I've got other commitments and besides, you don't come here to read my opinion, but the facts, your opinion you can form for yourself.

Here is the situation as it pertains to loans under review at prosper. A small move in the right direction, but a long way from where I'd like to see it.

Tomorrow I will review this situation again, as well as provide a breakdown of bidding patterns to compare the age of borrowers to the number of bids they are placing. I've got some data, but as I type, I'm already thinking of new ways to slice and dice the data.

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DCS said...

Great blog!

I had a LOT of loans pending review the last couple of weeks, with maybe one completing review every two days or so.

Then, magically, the last two nights my entire queue of pending loans was emptied, with only one loan failing verification, and the rest headed for origination.

I was wondering if this phenomenon was site-wide or just a coincidence with my loan portfolio...