Friday, December 15, 2006

For Openers

Today I got an email from Prosper. Oh wow.

Since Prosper made the daily data downloads available, I've been digging into the data to see what interesting tidbits I could gleam from it. Some of the data I've even posted to the Prosper forums to share with my fellow forum denizens. Well, some of the data has been highlighting a problem in Prosper's processing of completed listings and turning them into loans. Many loans seem to hang in limbo for more than two weeks. (I'll talk about this problem later).

Back to the email from prosper. It was from a name I've never heard of before, John Lucena. Uh oh! Did I violate the terms of use? So being the ninny that I am, I first opened all my other mail. Then I figured that this can't bite me, I'm just going to open it and look at the email. If they're angry, they'll surely give me a chance to stop before they throw the book (and their lawyer) at me.

Lo and behold, John wants me to blog and include my analyses in the blog. He wants to link to this blog from a forthcoming Prosper page.

Wow, well, I was pleasantly surprised. In 2003, just after I came out of the hospital, I created a blog, my "feel good" blog that was named after the "feel good" card my daughter drew for me. But, I've only twice blogged on it, never publicized it anywhere and even worse, I had hosted it on servers at my now ex-ISP's website. So effectively, the blog was lost to posterity and with it it my searing insight and wisdom captured in those two posts. NOT. Frankly, I have no idea what I posted, I was too sick to remember. The only reason I remember the details I share above is because I gleaned them from Blogger when I tried to log in. The actual posts were already long gone.

So I'm trying this out. I'm going to create this post and then perhaps one more with some statistics from Prosper's data and then see how I feel about it. If people like it, fine, I'll keep up with it. Perhaps it's time for me to learn how to blog anyway.

Now what to call my blog? I'm bad with names, always at a loss to pick an interesting handle for myself. That's why I'm registered at Google as, well, whatever I'm registered as. That's why I'm HollowOak at Prosper. Another story for perhaps another time.

But I just thought of a name - "Money Walks". I'll go see if that is available. If you can think of a snappy title, feel free to suggest it.

Now my grammar is poor. If I make a grammar mistake, please point it out to me, I need to improve. Spelling, feel free to laugh at me as I have Google spellchecker on my toolbar.